2015 ”Polar night” Enonkoski

2015 ”polar night” Savonlinna library

2020 ”Arctic light” Sami Museum Siida

2021 Exhibition of Inari artists Gallery Kuulas

2021 ”Vistas” Gallery Kuulas

2022 ”Abstract landscape” Inari library

2023 ”Winter in Finnmark” Inari library

2023 Rovaniemi Gallery Lapponica

2023 Tampere Photo Festival


2020 Municipality of Inari

2022 Nordic Society of Photography

2022 Finnfoto Exhibition grant

Awards from photography competitions

2021 Finnish nature picture of the year: fourth place

2021 Nordic Society of Photography: silver medal

2022 Nordic Society of Photography: bronze medal

2022 ”Ekological truth” Serbia: gold medal and two silver medals

2023 Nordic Society of Photography: gold medal

2023 Nordic Society of Photography annual photo competition gold medal black and white and color series

2024 Nordic Sociaty of Photography Slideshow: Gold medal


2024 Arctic Photography Art exhibition Norway: Two gold medals and silver medal